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CodeForce Mini-Camps

We are offering mini-camps most Saturday mornings that allow kids to learn many different STEAM skills from Coding using Roblox and Minecraft to building robots and even performing chemistry experiments! They will also earn badges that will be awarded at the end of each camp!

Each camp is led by our Chief Code Monkey Matt. 



Roblox Coding I

Kids will learn how to create custom mods and how to design, build, and publish their own games!. 

After completing this camp, kids will have earned their Roblox Coding I badge and would be able to create and publisher their own games to the Roblox Store. 

Ages: 7 and up

Prereqs: None


Minecraft Coding 1

In this minicamp, kids will learn how to create custom Mods in Minecraft. We will learn the basics of coding as we solve challenges inside the immersive world of Minecraft. 

Ages: 5 and up. 

Prereqs: None 



Makers Lab I

In this amazing camp, kids will earn their Makers I badge while learning how computers work. The campers will assemble a Rasberry Pi while they learn what makes computers tick. This is a great introduction for young hackers.

Ages: 7 and up

Prereqs: None


Robotics I

Kids will earn their Robotics I badge as they are introduced to robotics and how they play in integral part in our lives. Kids will code a robot to solve a challenge as they begin their journey into robotics.

Ages: 5 and up

Prereqs: None

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