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Digital Safety & Citizenship

As part of our events, classes, and camps, we always teach digital safety and citizenship. To us, there is no greater, fundamental, lesson that we can pass onto our community than how to be safe online and how to be a good digital citizen. 

Depending on the audience, we discuss ways to keep seniors and families safe online, teach our kids how to be good digital citizens, and how to recognize if our kids are being cyber-bullied or are engaging in potential bully behavior.


Since the internet and the online experience is such a large part of our curriculum, we want to make sure we give our kids some tools to make them more aware of the online world they are navigating .


Example Bullying Topics

  • How to recognize a bully. 

  • How to respond to being bullied.

  • How to talk to an adult.

  • How to recognize that you may be bullying someone. 

  • For parents, what to lookout for. 


Example Online Safety Topics

  • How to interact with others online safely.

  • What information is ok to share and what is not. 

  • Creating a strong password.

  • How to handle someone who asks you to meet in real life. 

  • Understanding privacy and how protect yours and respect others. 

We also spend a lot of time talking about COMMUNICATION. If the kids get nothing else out of what we try and teach them, we want them to understand that it is ok to talk to your parents or another adult about your online "life". 

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