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🚀 Empowerment Through Education with CodeForce 🚀

In the suburbs of Chicago, many students are yet to experience the wonders of STEM and STEAM. We're here to change that narrative.

Our quest at CodeForce? To empower our female, minority, low-income, and at-risk scholars with not just a glimpse but a deep dive into the world of STEM. We're talking about hands-on exposure and real-world experience.

🌟 The CodeForce Journey
Kickstarting as young as age 5, our multi-year program is designed to captivate curious minds early on. We're here to guide them, mentor them, and be their North Star as they chart their path to college or step into the dynamic workforce.


🤖 Partnering with FourMonkeys
Teaming up with FourMonkeys, we proudly offer scholarships to deserving champs, ensuring dreams aren't hindered by financial constraints.


🎓 Scholarship Scoop
Dive into our camps and classes with our scholarships! Slots are limited each semester, so share your story in detail to help us champion the right cause.

Know a kid who deserves a scholarship?

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