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FLL 2019 Qualifier Prep

Team 45586 - Short Circuits

  • Sean

  • Sam 

  • Sam S.

  • Junberyk

  • Matthew

  • Mikey

  • Wyatt

Team 49374 - CodeForce Kitties

  • Mateo

  • Gavin

  • Lucas

  • Camden

  • Ethan

  • Emily

How does the Qualifier Work?

On Saturday, Dec. 14th, we will be 2 of 29 teams  competing for a spot in the Illinois State Championships. We will be 2 of 7 rookie teams (teams with no members that have competed in FLL before). The teams will compete in 4 equally weighted events: Core Values, Inspiration Project, Robot Design, and the Robot Game. At the end of the qualifier, the scores from all 4 events will be tallied, with the top 7-8 teams advancing to that state championship. 

The Pit

We will be assigned areas for our team to hangout during the competition. This area is where we the team will hangout when they are not competing. We will set up an area that reflects their team spirit. They can make minor repairs here, etc. 

Core Values

The teams will be given 3 minutes to present information about how they used Core Values throughout the season. We will help guide them through the process of the creation of the presentation and let them rehearse a few times beforehand. 

There are a few bullet points of note:

  • Core Values is the one area that is judged outside of the assigned judging area. Judges will be walking around the pit, observe the whole team during the robot game, and so on. If students, coaches, or parents are not practicing the Core Values, then the team can lose points. 

  • The judges will ask the kids questions. We will give them ample practice at answering sample questions, but there are few things you can help us with

    • Please help us reinforce that we want them to have fun, but they have to take this seriously. No funny faces or weird voices when they address the judges. They will not find it humorous. ​

  • Parents will most likely be able to join the team in the judging room, but no talking. The judges only want to hear from the kids - not any of us. 

Inspiration Project

This is the portion of the project that we have been meeting with local experts (Field trip to OPD and the engineer that visited CodeForce).  The teams will be given 5 minutes to present their project. They must be able to carry and set up all equipment/props. We are not allowed to help them. The 

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