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Great Apps to Supplement Your Childs Coding Journey

In our quest at CodeForce to provide comprehensive coding education, we recognize the value of diverse learning tools. While our curriculum is designed to give your child a solid foundation in programming, supplementing their learning with additional resources can be incredibly beneficial. We have chosen apps that are great for your child to use at home. We purposefully chose not to include apps and tools that we use in our classroom. Well Scratch makes it into our Little Makers curriculum from time to time.

Note: We are not endorsed by any of these apps. These are just some good ones that are out there if your child is interested in learning more!

For Ages 8-12

Tynker: Broadening Coding Horizons Tynker complements the foundational skills taught at CodeForce with its visually engaging and interactive courses in block coding and game design. Cost: Essentials at $9/month, Plus at $12.50/month, Monthly Plan at $0.99/month, Yearly Plan at $9.99/year.

Scratch: Enhancing Creative Computing Developed by MIT, Scratch offers a free, creative platform for kids to apply their coding skills from CodeForce in designing games and stories. Cost: Free. Expanding Learning Opportunities This platform provides an array of free coding activities and resources, perfect for reinforcing the concepts learned at CodeForce. Cost: Free.

Lightbot: Coding Logic Through Play Lightbot introduces fundamental programming logic in a fun, game-based format, building on the problem-solving skills nurtured at CodeForce. Cost: App at $2.99, Pro version at $15.99/month.

Kodable: From Basics to Advanced Concepts Kodable is ideal for younger learners at CodeForce, covering a spectrum of programming concepts and preparing them for advanced languages. Cost: 12-Month Membership at $79.99, Lifetime Membership at $149.99.

SpriteBox: Code Hour: Learning Through Gaming SpriteBox offers a playful way to understand programming principles, aligning with the engaging teaching methods at CodeForce. Cost: Free.

For Ages 13+

Codecademy Go: Building on CodeForce Foundations A mobile extension of Codecademy, this app offers courses that deepen and expand the programming knowledge gained at CodeForce. Cost: Basic plan for Free, Plus at $14.99/month, Pro at $19.99/month.

SoloLearn: Joining a Community of Learners SoloLearn's extensive course library in various programming languages is perfect for CodeForce students looking to explore more. Cost: $5.83/month on annual plans, free version also available.

Programming Hub: Diversifying Coding Skills For students at CodeForce who are keen on learning multiple languages, Programming Hub offers a wide range of courses that complement our curriculum.


At CodeForce, we're committed to nurturing the next generation of tech innovators. By integrating these apps into your child’s learning journey, you are enriching their coding education, broadening their horizons, and empowering them to reach their full potential in the digital world.

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