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Getting your computer ready for Roblox Coding

Roblox is by far one of our favorite tools to teach coding and game design. It incorporates so many aspects of computer science into one, easy to use, fun, programming tool. In this article, we will go over how to set your computer up to do Roblox Coding. 

Ages 7 and Up.

Step 1: Create a Roblox Account

If your child is interested in Roblox coding, I am sure that they already have an account, but if not, here are instructions to do create one. Create a free account on the roblox website.

Once you have created their account, have them log into Roblox and let them play around with playing different games!

Step 2: Install Roblox Studio

Now, lets get the tools we need to start creating games! Visit this webpage and click on the Start Creating button.


The page will check to see if Studio is installed, and if not, will ask you if you want to download it. Please do so :)


The installer will install Roblox using your native (Windows or MacOS) installer package and when it has completed, you will see a message that is similar to: 


Click the Launch Studio button and you are ready to being creating your own game or taking your first Roblox Coding class at CodeForce!


If you run into any issues at all, don't hesitate to ping our Chief Code Monkey! You can email him or join our Roblox Slack Channel.

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