At the core of our love of making things lies robotics. We founded the first robotics club at Plank Jr. High School several years ago and have been hooked ever since. Robotics encompasses so many of the core fundamentals that are the basis of our curriculum. Learning in these programs builds confidence, fosters teamwork, and is hands on. 

Summer 2019 Robotics

Inspired by the Nasa rovers Opportunity and Spirit, we will build a rover that will capture sensory data about our community.

Working in teams, students will:


  • Build a robot using their Raspberry Pi as the onboard computer. 

  • Code the robot to collect atmospheric data.

  • Collect and store

    • GPS Data (Where in our community was the robot located when we took readings)

    • Atmospheric Data such as Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure.

  • Display their data in interesting charts

  • Presentation

    • Explain design decisions and problems they encountered​.

    • Present their data and explain what they learned

Competitive FIRST Teams

Our FLL and FLL JR teams are currently prepping for their respective competitions. 

Jr. First Lego League (Ages 6 - 10)
First Lego League (Ages 9 - 14)

The Ozobot is one of our favorite robots. We use it to teach K-8th grade students. It fosters creativity and teaches coding, logic, and problem solving. 

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