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Spring Break

In our spring break camps, we cover the width and breadth of STEAM. All of our camps are appropriate for ages 8 to 14.


Current Camp Dates: March 28th - March 31st (9AM - 4PM) 

What Can You Expect in Our Camps?

  • Your kiddos will have a blast so don't be surprised if they are disappointed that you have arrived to pick them up.

  •  Your kids will move. Even during camps that focus primarily on using computers, we have several unplugged activities to keep them moving about. 

  • Learn how to stay safe online.

  • Improved presentation skills. Each day each kid will demo. 

  • Better teamwork. We put kids in position to get to know someone new and in the process, work on something awesome together!

  • Your kids will learn coding, chemistry, science, ecology, civil engineering, game design and development, and so much more. 

What if I've attended a camp or class before?


  • Every camp contains all new challenges. 

  • We also build on what you have learned in previous camps. Each challenge has several levels and sub-components so that each kid can participate at their experience level.

Minecraft Monday

On Minecraft Monday we learn coding as we hack Minecraft. Kids will solve challenges and MOD Minecraft using block coding, JavaScript, or Python. Kids will work in teams as they learn how code can affect gameplay. 

Fundamentals of Computer Science

There’s a lot to learn with Minecraft Bedrock Edition – Block, Python, and JavaScript programming languages, various computer science concepts such as conditionals, variables, randomization and more.

Our camps don’t just just explain how to create a certain item or merely go through the coding procedure and syntax. Our camps explain to kids the concepts behind the code, connect fun game goals with learning goals to improve and deepen learning.

Ages: 8 -12

Experience Required: None.


Makers Day Tuesday

At our core we are makers. Makers come in all shapes and sizes. We make devices. Whether its hand held games, mini-computers, or parent detectors, we want our kids to learn how the world of "code" and silicon meet to make the devices that we use every day. 

What is making?

It can be many things and use all kinds of materials and tools. Making is usually defined as a project shaped by your ideas and interests. Making is as much about the process of taking an idea and bringing it to life. Making integrates science and technology as well as arts and crafts.

Ages: 8-12

Experience Required: None


Game Development Wednesday

CodeForces Roblox coding courses provides the perfect way to learn Lua programming and game design with Roblox Studio. Kids make amazing professional quality games that they can play with friends and family, or even sell on Roblox marketplace.

In this brand new challenge, kids will learn how to make and sell clothing in the Roblox Marketplace. 

Ages: 8-14

Experience Required: None.


Full STEAM Thursday

Full STEAM Thursday is all about wrapping up our camp with some of our favorite topics. 

  • Code our Ozobots to solve challenges.

  • Perform Chemistry experiments in Minecraft. 

  • Code our Micro:bits with our Seeker game. And then play!

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