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The CodeForce Way

Consider what we know:
  • Only 25 % of Computer Science majors and Engineers are female.

  • Computing jobs are the No. 1 source of new income in the United States

  • 90% of parents want their kids to learn computer science but only 35% of schools teach it

  • Every 21st century child should study algorithms, how to make an app, or how the internet works. 

  • A Computer Science Major can earn 40% more than the college average. 

  • The State of Illinois does not have a strategic K-12 plan for Computer Science. 


Imagine it. Build it. Period. We inspire our students to reach for the stars. Do you already have an idea for an app or website? Want to build the next home assistant? Then learn the skills necessary to do it - and then do it. As Steve Jobs once said, CodeForce is not putting our faith in the technology of tomorrow. We are putting our faith in our students. 

"Every girl deserves to take part in creating the technology that will change our world, and change who runs it. "
Malala Yousafzai
Nobel Peace Prize Winner


The main goal of our program is to give kids the skills and confidence to chase their dream. While most only teach coding, we teach so much more. From graphic design to building, coding, and sharing, we teach our students how to be makers top to bottom. Arguably, more importantly, we empower them with self confidence, the ability to think critically, to connect the dots, and how to communicate. 

Empowered with both the soft and technical skills from our STEAM+ program, our students really are ready to change the world. 

"Computer Science empowers students to create the world of tomorrow."
Satya Nadella
CEO, Microsoft.

Give Back

Our focus is on our Code Force Family and our community. We offer free classes for internet safety for both parents and kids. We host free Hour of Code events, and we perform free events as part of community outreach program. We want to ensure that STEAM+ reaches as many kids as possible. 

Our Unplugged Program presents opportunities for students to also learn chess and other tabletop games. Most of these games fit very neatly into our STEAM+ framework. 

What is STEAM+?

At Code Force we know the importance of STEAM in our childrens day to day lives. We also recognize that it isn't enough. We believe that within each courses, class, camp, or event, we bake the following concepts into the project they are working on. The Code Force way is to teach well rounded makers!

Critical Thinking

We teach our students to make clear, reasoned judgements. To question why. We teach them to be open-minded and to make their own, evidence based decisions. 

Empathy and Support

Part of being a good teammate is having empathy for your other mates. Supporting them when they are struggling and coaching them to improve are skills that will serve students for a lifetime. We are always looking for ways to reenforce these. 



Having a deep understanding of something is critical to building technology. It is also critical in almost every aspect of our lives. We enforce understanding concepts and designs as part of all of our projects.


In the engineering industry, managers will tell you overwhelmingly that this is what their teams struggle with the most. From communicating with teammates, stakeholders, or doing demo's the ability to communicate is essential.  

Connecting the Dots

The myth of the hacker alone in their basement crunching out the "next big thing" is just that - a myth. If we are going to inspire students to change the world with their tech skills, we also need to teach them how to work in a team. Period.

Being a full stack maker means that you need to be able to connect the dots between design, building, coding, and releasing your project. Throughout each project we make sure students are actively connecting dots between each phase. Learning how to do this is an incredibly useful skill.