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First Lego League Jr. 

For children ages 6-10, FIRST® LEGO® League Junior (FLL® Jr.) captures young children's curiosity and directs it toward discovering the wonders of science and technology. This program features a real-world scientific concept to be explored through research, teamwork, construction, and imagination. Guided by adult Coaches, teams use LEGO® bricks to build a model that moves and develop a Show Me Poster to illustrate their journey. CodeForce sponsors and mentors our teams as non profits. Our time is voluntary and all moneys go directly to the teams. 

Students get to:
  • Design and build a challenge-related model using LEGO® components

  • Create a Show Me Poster and practice presentation skills

  • Explore challenges facing today's scientists

  • Discover real-world math and science

  • Begin developing teamwork skills

  • Choose to participate in expos and showcases

  • Engage in team activities guided by FLL Jr. Core Values

  • Students Ages 6 - 10

  • Cost: $99.00

  • Team Size(s): 6 Students

  • Fee Includes:

    • Shirt​

    • SWAG 

    • FLL Jr.  Registration Fee

    • ​Challenge Kit, WeDo 2 Core Set, and other required equipment is provided. 

    • One practice per week (16 total)

  • Parent/Student kickoff meeting is scheduled July 31st from 4:30-515PM.

  • Practice begins the following week each Wednesday from 4:30-5:30PM. (No Practice the last week in August). 

  • Official Season begins August 1st with the release of the 2019-2020 Challenge. 

  • Expo will be in November.  

  • 16 Weeks of STEM fun and learning!

  • Kids will learn new and exciting Engineering Skills

  • To be successful, kids will need to work on Teamwork

  • Improved Problem Solving skills

  • Better Critical Thinking

  • Students will learn Presentation Skills

  • Just plain Fun!

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Why we coach

"We are robotics coaches because of the kids and the passion we have for robotics. There is no other feeling quite like helping young engineers further develop their natural persistence, discipline, dedication, resiliency, work ethic, heart, leadership skills, connection with, and respect for others, not only in competition, but in life."

2019-2020 Challenge
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