Fuel Your Child's Passions

Does your child love playing games or computers? Are they curious about how computers work? Are looking to supplement your  child's homeschool curriculum with a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) program? Take a look at our homeschool classes. Our program is based on National Computer Science Teachers Association standards for teaching CS in K-12 classes and we fully immerse our students in the world of coding and computers and gadgets. 

Why CodeForce?

All STE{A}M schools were not created equal. We provide STE{A}M activities through the lens of technology. However, we feel like technology is only half of the experience and have introduced our STEAM+ approach to learning. In addition to coding awesome games, digital devices, computers, and robots we also teach digital safety, privacy and good digital citizenship. We teach presentation skills and work on a students ability to give and receive constructive criticism. We reinforce the idea that it's okay to make mistakes and fail in order to learn and improve. All in a safe environment with like-minded kids. 

Lets go beyond coding. 

Digital Safety

We work in Digital Safety and Online Privacy into every class/camp. Teaching our kids to be safe on the web is one of our fundamental principles. 

Cyber Bullying

Being a bully or being bullied online are two topics we must address in each class/camp. This goes hand in hand with our Digital Safety initiatives. 

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills and recieving and giving feedback and constructive criticism are valuable skills that will benefit kids of all ages. 

Personalized, Multi-year, Progressive Curriculum

Your child isn't one size fits all and their STEM/STEAM education shouldn't be either. We personalize your child's courses based on their current skill level and interests. If you opt for the premiere membership we will group them with kids with similar interests for their class. As of now, all classes will be live online but will communicate when/if we are in a position to offer optional in person classes.


If your child learns better alone and at their own pace - the basic membership may be perfect for you. Either way, your first week is free and you can cancel at anytime - no contracts. 

What you can expect out of our program.

CSTA Based

Each course meets or exceeds te CSTAs standards for teach Computer Science to K-12 students.

Elite Instruction 

Our instructor is a professional software engineer, college instructor, and all around STEAM nerd.


We will learn using real life tools and languages. Self sufficient: We don't want them only coding in class. 


As new technologies arise (almost daily) we are constantly reviewing and evolving our curriculum. 

Fall 2020 Online Classes

We are offering 2 homeschool classes this year. In addition to the STEM and Computer Science curriculum, we will also learn about digital safety, presentation skills, and how to accept and learn from feedback from others. Please follow the links below to learn more about each class. 

*If you are registering multiple kiddo's, unfortunately you will need to set up two accounts with 2 separate email addresses. We know this is a pain and are looking at alternatives. 

Intro to Coding for Kids

Ages 7 - 12

In this course, we will cover coding, presentation skills, teamwork, confidence, and digital safety and citizenship. We will cover core coding concepts while we build games, apps, and websites. 



Intro to Computer Science

Ages 13+

In this course, students will get an introduction to Computer Science that exceeds the CSTA's recommendations for teaching Computer Science to kids in K-12. We will cover coding, algorithms, problem solving and many more core computer science topics.



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