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Online Learning

You get the same CodeForce curriculum, just from the comfort of your own home. We still focus on going beyond coding and teaching our STE{A}M+ concepts, just with a different, more flexible platform. 

These programs were slated to be part of our Fall 2020 offerings. As part of our Give Back initiative, we are rolling these programs out early and totally free. Some will be restricted to our past and current students, while the remainder will be open for anyone who wants to give them a try. 

Please bear with us as we roll these out. We will make them available as we get them up and running. There may be a bug or two we find as we start working with them, but we will address them asap. 

Wed, Mar 25
CodeForce Minecraft Server
Minecraft Creative Design (Online)
Wed, Mar 25
Intro to Chess Online
Intro to Chess (Online)