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Online classes for kids. 

Our Coding and Makers programs bring students from introductory to college-level, guided by instructors with industry and educational experience. 

A different approach

CodeForce offers a unique, blended approach to teaching STEAM online to students from ages 5 - 18. Our students follow our structured course sequence, based on CSTA standards, to accelerate their growth. 

Our program not only teaches technical acumen, but soft skills such as teamwork, connecting the dots, and more. Read more about our Full Stack Approach to learning.  

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Quality Instruction

Our Chief Code Monkey designs every course. He emphasises using real life tools, adhering to CSTA standards, and going beyond coding to teach life skills, including how to give and accept constructive criticism. 

Matt is a professional Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, and College instructor. He has also been teaching kids ages 5 and up how to code and become makers since CodeForce was founded. 

Learn more about The CodeForce Way and our STEAM+ and Full Stack approach to learning here

Platforms kids love

We want our kids to learn how to code and how to become makers, but we didn't want to teach them on a platform that they can only access with us. We teach them using real life tools that are freely available and that real life makers and engineers use every day. 

Furthermore, we also teach them using games and apps they they know and love. We teach Python by building games and websites. We teach Java using Minecraft. We teach C# by building Mobile apps. We teach Javascript by building web apps. We want kids to build tangible projects that can be shared with family and friends. 

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