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What in the world is a sprint?

In software development, a sprint is a set amount of time for work to be completed before it is ready to be presented. It is a common development practice to help teams focus on features with an end date.

We have taken the practice, and applied it to our curriculum. Our spring sprints are 5 weeks long and focus on a topic. It could be Roblox or Minecraft Game Development or 3D printing - the point is that we focus exclusively on that skill set (Coding, Creative, Engineering, etc) using that technology or platform.

Advantages of our Sprints

You get all the same benefits of a CodeForce class (CSTA Based Curriculum, Digital Privacy, Anti-Bullying, Instructor lead) but you also have:

1. Shorter time commitment

2. Laser focus on a particular skill or technology

3. Option to use the sprint to attend up to 5 different classes

4. Bundling discounts for multiple sprints

You can check out our upcoming Sprints here.

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