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Class Highlight: 3D Printing

One of our main philosophies at CodeForce is going beyond coding in a browser. We want our students to learn coding and design, but we also want them to install it on something tangible. That's why devices like the Micro:bit are so deeply ingrained in our curriculum. Its tangible and they created it. 3D printing is the next evolution in that model. Plus, how would a kid know that a field such as Manufacturing Engineering/Science existed unless they get a chance to experience first hand?

In this class, students will get a chance to learn to use CAD software to design their favorite characters or make up designs of their own. They will work through the design and creation phase and will print out their creations. The best part is that each week, they will get to take home whatever they design.

Why is this class important?

We want students to know that there is more to STE{A}M than coding and building computers. We will focus on Art and Engineering in this class. Specifically, we will focus on the design process to get kids used to planning out their work as well as the manufacturing of their designs. This really takes some of the abstract 3D modeling that they've done in Roblox and Minecraft and puts something tangible into their hands.

Who is this class for?

Anyone who is interested in using computers to design and print out figures, fidget spinners, and the like. As we noted before, this class is a good opportunity to introduce kids to parts of STE{A}M that go beyond coding.

There is no requirement for a student to have had any previous coding or engineering experience. Being comfortable with a computer and a mouse is good, but we can get them up to speed quickly. The CAD software that we have chosen is pretty easy to use and the kids will get up to speed in no time.

When is the class offered?

We are offering two sessions of this class; one for homeschool and one in the evenings.

Mondays, 11:00AM - 12PM at ACES

Wednesdays, 4:30PM-5:30PM at CodeForce

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