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CodeForce Online

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

We have been working tirelessly to get our curriculum online. Most classes have resumed online and we have weekly Zoom calls in lieu of our classroom meetings. We are also offering 1 on 1 sessions for kids who need a little extra help. We have pivoted some of the tools that we use to make it easier for you to get them set up at home with little or no assistance. And we are continuously evaluating other tools that work from a browser or app store install so that you can be flexible with the device your kids is using.


Free Content

We are also offering free content weekly. We are posting coding videos as well as live STE{A}M events where we do a hands on project that the kids can work on along with us. We will record them so that you can always work on them later. These are great opportunities to write some cool code or do some at-home science projects. We are always looking for ideas, so if you have something you think your kiddo's would enjoy - please let us know!

Our free Minecraft Creative Free Course is still going strong. You can join at any time. We post weekly challenges and meet over Zoom once a week to complete a zoom challenge.

Email if you would like to have your child join. Each week is self-contained so they will not be behind.

CodeForce Online

We have created an online learning platform that lets your kids experience CodeForce classes from home. We teach coding using Java, Lau, Javascript, Makecode, and Python. They will complete challenges in Scratch, Minecraft, Roblox, Arcade and many more platforms they already love. We offer the same CodeForce experience - just from the comfort of your own home.

We take our commitment to teach beyond coding seriously. We also offer classes in robotics, micro:bits, and more. And we will continue to work digital safety and privacy into our curriculum.

Couple that with our ability to incorporate soft skills such as presenting and team work into an online course set, we feel like we are offering a compelling supplement to your child's STEAM education.

We are adding courses weekly so feel free to check us out at and let us know if you have any questions!

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