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Our Story

In late 2018 we were looking for STEM learning opportunities for our then, 8 year old daughter. As a career engineer and maker, I knew that I could teach her anything that I wanted to her to know but there is something to be said about being in a safe space with like-minded people. We looked at everyone and were left with usually the same take-aways: They were too expensive and too generic in their curriculum. I was, simply put, uninspired. 


So, I got to work. I researched the both the Computer Science and National Science Teachers Associations requirements for teaching K-12 students. We built a curriculum of camps and classes that either meet or exceed them. But our goal wasn't to just have kids sit in front of computer screens or build simple things by following kits. 

We want kids to solve actual problems using modern, real world technology. We want them building tangible things and using them to interact with classmates, friends, and family. We also focus on helping them develop presentation skills, improve accepting (and giving) constructive criticism and understanding how to be safe online. 

Our Philosphy

We believe in providing excellent STEAM eduction for all students. We provide a safe space for them with like-minded kids to experience the width and breadth of STEAM and all of the joy that it provides.


Our children have amazing capacity. We encourage them to use their imaginations and teach that that their capacity may very well be limitless. There is nothing that they can't accomplish. We want to inspire your child to chase their dreams. 


We teach skills and tools that our students can use outside of the classroom. We don't want them only coding or designing or building when they are at CodeForce. We want to empower them to chase after whatever inspires them. 

Give Back

We believe that every child should have access to premier level instruction. We offer free events ands scholarships for families who need it. I (Matt) would never been able to attend the classes or camps that CodeForce offers when I was a child. My family simply could not have afforded it. 

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