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One of the only learning centers that teaches AI and Machine Learning as part of the Curriculum.


Our classes are designed to give our students a safe space, with like minded kids, to learn STEM, STEAM, and Coding. 

We use freely available tools, that are usually browser based so that kids aren't restricted to using what they have learned in our classroom. We want them to take what we teach them and start doing it at home and school! 

All of our classes are instructor led, but they are designed in a way that allows kids to still learn at their own pace. Each class covers a particular "topic" and each kid will use their skill/age appropriate tooling to solve it so that we can still continue to learn together. 

Our instructor Matt, is a professional software engineer, Computer Scientist, and retired college instructor of math and computer science. CodeForce was founded because teaching the next generation of engineers is his passion.

Learn to Code Kids (Ages 6 to 12)

Kids learn how to code games and devices, as well as digital art, digital safety, and team work. This is a great class for kids just getting started with coding or who have had some experience in other classes. We also cover modern topics like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 


This class is instructor led, but each kid will learn at their own pace. Each class is designed to be challenging and fun regardless of your experience or skill level. 

The class meets 1 day per week and you can sign up for either our Monday or Tuesday class. Click the links below to find out more about the class and meeting times. You can join at anytime!

Monday Class - FULL!

Tuesday Class


Learn to Code Teens

This is a class unlike any other coding class for teens. Students will learn how to write code and create apps using professional tools and languages. They will learn how how to build and deploy real applications and learn exciting topics like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning. This curriculum will grow with them as they get older and will hopefully inspire them to go into Software Engineering or Computer Science. 

We also cover topics like digital safety, robotics, and video game theory. Click the link below to learn more about the class and meeting times.  The class meets one day per week. 

Learn to Code Teens (Monday)


Minecraft Modding with MCreator

Coming soon! This class will focus on using the MCreator tool to make modifications to Minecraft Java. Kids will learn coding, digital arts, decision making, and game design and theory - all while building mods for the game that they love!!

Stay tuned for more info!


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