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Our Teaching Model

To understand our model, you should first understand what we want when a child leaves CodeForce. We want them:

  • to have experienced more than just coding. 

  • to have learned using modern tools and languages.

  • to have experience presenting their work.

  • to be comfortable talking about what didn't work and why.

  • to understand how to be safe online. 

  • to be able to recognize bullies and how to deal with them. 

  • to leave understanding the CodeForce Way

The CodeForce Way

  • we are always respectful to other people.

  • it is okay to fail. We learn from it and we move on.

  • if someone else is struggling with something, we help them. 

  • we offer a safe space for like-minded kids. 

  • we never make fun of other kids work. In fact, we champion it.

  • we are one 

  • we give back to our community. 

Our Model

We want our kids to be taught. We don't do drop in learning. There are a lot of advantages to letting kids work through a workbook at their own pace. There are also a lot of advantages to allowing parents the freedom of coming when it is convenient for their schedule. But that doesn't produce makers with the elite skills who believe in the CodeForce way. 

  • each class is lead by a qualified instructor. 

  • each class focuses on a particular technology or concept. 

  • assistants are available for large classes to help keep kids working. 

  • all classes are based on national standards for teaching computer science. 

  • each project can be scaled to meet the kids knowledge and skill level. 

  • we teach presentation skills.

  • we teach digital safety and privacy.

  • we teach teamwork. 

  • we teach the codeforce way. 

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